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Huge emerald green and gold ribbed vase, Archimede Seguso?

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Fabulous huge vase (23 cm high, 18 cm diameter), emerald green with lots of gold evenly dispersed.
Has the remains of a label I would think is Archimede Seguso...

Similar vases still available from the A. Seguso webshop:
>> blue
>> square green

On the other hand, here is >> another one attributed to Seguso Vetri d'Arte

Any more info highly appreciated!

Happens a lot with A.S. as he worked for SVDA and collaborated with Poli the result is many pieces that cross over from one to the other. The remains of the label as you suggest points to A.S. (pity there is not a piece of the edge). Wonderful piece of glass. Where did you pick it up?


I agree with Ardy. It' s definitely not an SVdA label, the other major contender, as you say, and the label looks like AS, so I'd go with AS. A classic.  I would even considering giving up a piece of Skrdlovice for it. 


Thanks a lot, Ardy and David! -- So AS as I thought (I think left from the word "Murano" on the label is still a little bit of the scalloped edge visible).
With these "better" Murano pieces I am always very impressed with the quality.
And hard to judge from my pics, but it is really a huge vase, almost the size of a waste paper basket.

@Ardy: I found it at a local second-hand market site; the seller from western Austria was really nice, and I even saved shipping costs as her daughter who lives in Vienna went home for Christmas and brought it with her, so I could pick it up.

@David: I told you I would show a nice piece of Murano glass after Christmas :)
When I spot a thing like this I just cannot stick to collecting exclusively Skrdlovice...


Gorgeous thing and it is not a style I have collected yet..... seen it in books several times but they don't come up often with reasonable prices.

I stumbled over an AS bowl a couple of years ago and have just found out they are very rare. So I was feeling pretty good until I saw your vase.....


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