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Clichy cane


I was exploring a clichy scramble I have and came across a cane that has a rose in the center. At the left of the pic is the cane in question. It is surrounded by a purple and green and pink bullseye canes with the rose in the center. I have not seen this cane and have not come across another example. Just curious if it is common or something a bit more "special".  Thanks

Some further research has finally lead me to an answer that the rose canes are used within other canes, which was my main question.  I had looked at several other weights and have never seen another rose used in a complex cane. I have finally come across a couple examples today on the internet.  My persistence has paid off!

The cane in your weight may exist in many others but you may be the first to have brought this particular cane to a wider audience. It is the sort of thing that is beginning to excite more people.

There is often a section in The Annual Bulletin of the PCA inc., titled "Hidden Gallery" which in recent years has focused on central elements of complex canes. Also, in a number of the Bulletin main articles, "hidden canes" have been studied quite closely and the use of a "Clichy Rose" within a complex cane has featured quite often.

This sort of detailed examination has now become useful for further study of the all too generalised category of "Bohemian" weights, and also for the fairly new discoveries of French paperweights from such as St Mande and Grenelle.

As a self-stated "geek" regarding cane details, I am pleased to see the increased interest in the minute details of complex canes.

In Robert Hall's book World Paperweights he shows a Clichy weight that has a cane with a rose centre little bigger than a pinhead. Not had one myself with one like this but I'll be looking.



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