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Author Topic: Bohemian? Small iridescent goldish vase with handles, polished pontil mark  (Read 1314 times)

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From another thread, Dirk has found some information  that says the Heckert Cypern range blanks were produced by Josephinenhutte whether  they are decorated or undecorated versions, and references Stefania Zelasko's new book on Fritz Heckert (I'll find the exact source and add it in a mo)
The link Dirk gave to the site where the information came from ( a seller called Neuwirth) also shows an image of a vase in blue selling as Fritz Heckert cypern, which is the same as Christine's gourd vase.
see here for Dirk's message

So based on that information, Christine's gourd vase would be designed by Fritz Heckert with the blank produced by Josephinenhutte :)




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