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hello after a couple of items still , would like in any colour a complete Brockwitz cockatoo in good condition bowl as well if possible, send me an email with what you want . Also like a sea lions complete any colour , also a brockwitz birds and bowl to match  in any colour , would like Walther set of bear bookends and lion clock  , would like them in good condition , I dont have anything to swap as i only the the one set of most in the rarer ones ,  Thanks REX and Theresa

Also after a squirrel center piece and bowl either or both , a pink humming bird , a green bowl for ribbon girl , a blue shamrock bowl , we have most of the brockwitz only after the birds and fortuna bowl ,and the sea lions , we are after walther large green flower frog to suit upturned irene bowl , also the bull rush plinth like ace of clubs ,also like any of the czech figurines do have a few but like them in other colours, If you have any of these items let us know ,would like these to complete sets,Thanks REX and Theresa

Also while i am looking would like a blue and an amber Orla ,also an orla bowl ? , Thanks REX

Hi Rex
I have these 2 Mueller centrepieces for sale....the bowls can also be used for Boy on fish or girl on turtle.

i have in bowls 2 pink ones an amber and a blue only have one muller girl a pink one , i have an amber fish boy a blue turle girl and a pink muller girl , i would like a green bowl to put green fish boy in ,keep finding Nigel , REX and Theresa


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