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No i havent got the lamp ,I havent seen the icemen, i only have one set of walther koalas ,the other ones are very rare over here but i am always on the lookout if i see anything or hear of anybody with them will let you know , REX

Hi Rex
This is the ice men set,they all fit into the main bowl.I used to have this set in clear/frosted.
This set is owned by a couple I know I have seen it and its gorgeous.
I do notice that certain Walther items seem to turn up in Oz more than over here eg Viktoria Paradies Haarlem.
I wondered if they were sold especially to Oz?

Where i live would be considered country , Melbourne , Sydney, Adelaide  would be the places that these items would be as back then thats where the money and upper class people lived , Melbourne was ,is the cultural capitol and if it is to be found thats where it should be , i think most of what we would like is in the hands of collectors here that dont sell or swap , Maybe one day it will come onto the market ,I am always on the look out but not much luck here in Australia , REX

Hello another post , it looks like i may have got nearly every thing i have posted for , To make up most of collection we need a large blue and a clear Greta , also a small blue and large pink windsor vases , we then would have all of the colours and pieces to finish them , Thanks REX and Theresa

Hi Rex
What a shame I have just sold a large pink Windsor privately,I assumed as these are more common you would already have one.
I don't have the other pieces you want.I have a large Kolibri vase in blue.
I wish I had more luck in finding lol think I have made too many enemies.
I did manage to buy on ebay an amber polar bear flower frog so now I need the matching bowl in amber.I have the bowl in opalescent but no bear,typical!


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