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Show and Tell. Caithness Summer Meadow Urn vase, 1991. Limited edition

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Hi - my Christmas present from my son has just arrived - and I think it is gorgeous so wanted to share it with other Caithness Collectors. (And yes- I gave him a nudge in the right direction ;D )

Designed by Colin Terris. Shown on p 118 of Mark Hill's book as being from the 1991 catalogue.
 It is 18 cm or 7 inches  tall and 11 cm or 4.5 inches at widest point of "belly"  Inscribed to base Summer Meadow, Caithness Scotland, 34/150 . Beautifully presentation boxed in the dark blue leatherette box with the white satin lining - which is in absolutely pristine condition - as is the vase. I doubt it has ever been out on display or even opened!  The info card bears the stamp of a German retailer (or that is my guess) on its reverse, and it was just bought from Germany.

Lovely details - hearts, flowers, grasses, and a couple of beautiful lacewings. 
Would anyone have any idea who made it?    I have a couple of pieces of the Poppy Collection from 1998 - and this reminds me very much of them. I understand Franco Toffolo may  have made many those (from Mark Hill's book again)

I will be putting it on display!


West Oz.

Quite a rarity Jackie, I wonder if they actually completed the edition?


I wondered that too John - hopefully someone is able to tell me.
I have searched Scotlands People website but there is nothing on there yet - it may be too recent an item.


Attached is a copy of the 1991 catalogue page - also showing the other items of this series.
Unfortunately that's all the info I can provide.

Thanks Wolf, that is the same as the page in Mark Hill's book - so presumably all he could find too.

Sounds as if it was a good find then :-)

Would you like better photos for the website?  Happy to send some if you can use them.




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