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Nick, all of the canes in your dish are early Ysart (Ysart Brothers (Vasart) or maybe even pre-war Ysart). The grinding to the base suggests pre-Vasart Ltd (i.e. Ysart Brothers (Vasart) as most likely) and your uv reaction of Green / Green (or is it Grey? See below.) is consistent with it not being Vasart Ltd or Strathearn.

Is your uv light mains operated or battery? If battery, it may not show the same intensity of reaction as I get with my mains powered unit.

The uv reaction, if it is not Green / Blue (and the blue is quite bright), ought to be Green / Grey, not Green / Green. But the "grey" that I see is "dusty" looking and in some circumstances, such as when viewing the edge of something like a pin or nut dish, it can indeed appear to be more like green than grey.

The pic below is a quick reference shot of the four examples I have. The larger one (bottom right) is an ashtray and is pre-Vasart Ltd (most likely Ysart Bothers (Vasart) period, rather than 1930s). It has a Green / Grey uv reaction. The other three are Green / Blue under the two uv lights showing them to be Vasart Ltd or later, but as each has a grinding as part of the finishing, I reckon they are all Vasart Ltd.

Note that shapes and sizes vary. The ashtray in my pic is a touch over 4 inch diameter, the smallest is just over 3 inch and the two others are just under 3.5 inch.

Thanks Kevin, UV lamp is both battery and mains although this is via a transformer droping voltage to 6volt and the unit is only 5watts, I was using it connected to the transformer.
I'll try and get photos later of the results.

I do have a large mains UV light with 2 x 12" tubes but I have no idea of the wavelength, it used to be used in my former business for curing a uv set resin.

Is there a definitive guide on uv reactions of different paperweights and their dates?



--- Quote ---Is there a definitive guide on uv reactions of different paperweights and their dates?
--- End quote ---

In fact, in the 1960s, it was stated by Paul Hollister Jr. that uv testing [which I presume at the time was only with longwave uv] that certain thoughts on a specific colour meaning a specific maker [mainly for antique French weights, I believe] were unreliable. He was quite right.

The use of uv as an analysis tool should be used in combination with all other usual means of determining attributions. But in some cases, especially with both longwave and shortwave results, it is possible to make certain separations such as with the three main periods of Paul Ysart's long career.


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