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Salazar weight--David or Daniel??


I have had this weight for some time. When I purchased it, I bought it as a "Daniel Salazar" paperweight. It is etched signed "D P Salazar" and dated. Since then I have seen some like it offered as a "David Salazar" paperweight. David and Daniel are brothers and both glass workers.
Anyone know for sure? I've attached the pic----thanks- Ken

Looks like David, as P is his initial

Hi--yes..I am pretty sure it is all my Daniel PWs  are signed "Daniel Salazar " and/or with his DS cane.
I sold a David one a few years back..and it was signed DP Salazar.

Thank you both--I believe you are correct. I have 6 "Salazars" and 2 (including the 1 pictured here) are etched DP Salazar and the remaining 4 are signed Daniel Salazar or Daniel Salazar along with an interior DS ID cane.
Thanks again for your expert help----Ken


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