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Large green flash cut vase bohemian?english? minefield any ideas please??


I have this large green flash cut vase 11" tall 6"wide at rim 2.6kg weight and a 16 star cut base.
Im wondering if its possible to tell from the pattern which looks vaguely like pineapple's if its english or other, The cutting is nice and crisp obviously of resonable quality with some age as the base has good amounts of wear the star cut base comes right to the edge of the vase any views happy to receive

It looks so crisp that I would almost suspect that it is another product from Ajka in Hungary. Ajka is the only remaining special factory for cut-to-clear glass and produces in commission for everyone else.

Thanks ivo some nice glass on the link ;D

Fuhrman Glass:
Crystalex, Novy Bor, was doing a lot of this work when i was there 15-20 years ago, but I don't recall seeing the green, lots of red and blue.


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