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Paul Ysart with military button?

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Obviously just a curiosity piece as the crack runs right through the weight, I'm surprised its still in one piece but could this have been made by Paul Ysart. Under long and shortwave UV seems to flouresce  light green. I suspect it cracked during annealing as the pontil mark has been left higher than the base.

Or is it Belgian?


Deciding on these types of badge / button weights is beyond my skills.



--- Quote from: KevinH on January 13, 2013, 11:43:05 PM ---Deciding on these types of badge / button weights is beyond my skills.

--- End quote ---
In which case what hope is there for us mere mortals!!!.
And in answer to Nick - yes it is Paul Ysart - or Belgian!   
Seriously though, this is not an easy one. I have acquired a number of these, and comparing the shape (height, profile, flatness of base etc), the glass colour, the spatter pattern etc, there can be noticable differences where some of them I think are definitely Ysart, some are definitely not, and for some I am not convinced either way.  From the shape of this I would put it at about 8 on the 0 (Belgian) > 10 (Ysart) scale

Thanks all. pleased to hear it's definately one or the other :)

Out of curiosity are there any known with definate attributions, signature canes/labels etc


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