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Brockwitz 49000 set pieces in frosted amber; tray 49736 & candlesticks 49046


Tray and pair of candlesticks by Brockwitz of Germany in frosted amber pressed glass from their 49000 trinket set.

Tray pattern no. 49736; 36.5 x 23cm.
Candlesticks pattern no. 49046; 21.5cm tall.

Shown on T. 110 of their 1931 Musterbuch at
with the matching comb tray (49037) and ringholder (49040).

Pamela shows the tray and candlesticks in clear frosted glass at

(Permission for the re-use of these images on GMB granted by Micheal Allati).

Some photos of a set in frosted amber, now showing the large lidded pot #49042 (unfortunately with a broken knob ), a pair of smaller pots # 49042 (missing their lids), and the ringholder #49040. The frosting seems much more marked on this set than on the tray and candlesticks shown in my first post.

(Permission for the re-use of these images on the GTS granted by lempickalover).

The tray, candlesticks and ringholder appear in the 1931 catalogue, but the lidded pots are shown in the 1936 catalogue at
where the whole set (minus the comb tray) now appears under the heading of the 3100 set matt (presumably frosted) with new alternative pattern numbers:

Tray 3134/36 aka 49736
Candlesticks 3146 aka 49046
Ringholder 3140 aka 39040
Powder pot 3142 aka 39042
Pomade pot 3141 aka 39043.

The set is listed on Annes’s GTS site as pattern 3100 at


Herewith another part of the family!

Anne, feel free to use the picture for your  GTS

Thanks both, much appreciated. :)


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