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I have some Walther items I will be selling as I would like to buy a beautiful Deco dining table.
Rather than sell on ebay I would like to see if anyone on here would be interested in buying straight from me.I have an excellent record in selling have a 1000+ feedback rating on ebay in buying and selling.
Ask for a list of items and prices.
Many thanks Nigel

Nigel are these in addition to what you have on ebay at moment ?,let me know what you have for sale , Thanks REX

Hi Rex
Basically its what I have listed on ebay at the moment. I have a white koalas set but that is saved for a swap for anyone interested.
The items on ebay I am open to sensible offers if you are interested.
I have a green Petri set but that's only available as an extremely good swap and I know you said you don't have anything so that can stay in my collection.
Cheers Nige

I wish i had more than one piece of each to swap , Thanks REX

Hi Rex
Well if there is anything I have selling on ebay that you are interested in feel free to let me know and we can sort something out.


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