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Dartington glass bowl with spots - ID?

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Hi I'm new to this forum.

Have just bought a job lot of glass at auction - some pieces I can ID but some are proving more difficult so I was hoping to get some help here.

There are over 30 pieces but I will go one at a time so as not to bore you.

So the first is a small clear glass bowl with mixed cobalt blue and salmon pink spots. Bowl is 10cm/4in cross and 5cm/2in high. It is etched Dartington on the bottom. I can only find one reference to Dartington with spots and not for a bowl like this.

Can anyone ID it?

I have attached photos

Many thanks

I think this is a current/fairly recent design.
I've seen them in the Caithness/Dartington Visitor Centre in Crieff within the last month.

Thank you - I will do some more digging. If it's fairly recent I should be able to find it

Dartington Crystal rather than Dartington Glass, produced within the last ten years or so but I did not spot it on their website in current production.


HI, I have a vase with the same design in the glass and it was a medium vase in the 'Fiori' range designed by Hilary Green 2002, the product code  is VA 1886/RB if that helps. I emailed Dartington for the information from an old posting on this board. regards Carol


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