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ID help with classical style vase please

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Hi all, belated happy new year  :)

I've been mulling this one over for a while - whilst browsing my Manley 'Decorative Victorian Glass' I noticed a similar vase on pg 54, pic 11 atributed to Richardson and described as alabaster

I only say similar - mine has a hand painted classical silhouette and bands of greek keys and waves in similar positions on the vase.

Mine however is Matte on the exterior and shiny inside and it has had a rough life with a lot of wear to the painting particularly to the rim & foot but Manley also comments on the unusual heaviness of the piece and that was one of my first comments when I lifted it. It 'feels' old if you know what I mean.

Height is 12 inches and foot is 4 inches across. weighs 30 oz (850g)

Am I way off and wishfully thinking? any comments welcome as usual

lots of pics so prob in two hits, cheers

more pics..............

Hello Mel,Happy New Year,very nice vase,I always thought these were Richardsons but there has been some debate recently as to similar vases from Bohemia,I'm still unsure of mine ::) ;D ;D

Hi Keith, yes I read the thread(s) with interest back end of last year and still didn't twig, perhaps because the ones shown are colour and not b/w!,48475.msg273260.html#msg273260

love your vase too  btw :D

I suppose the trouble is research is always ongoing and my copy of Manley is 30 years old!

cheers, Mel

Further reading shows that Richardson's pieces of this type were left matte on the outside to allow for easier handpainting - but again from the same 30yr old source so Im not convinced yet

but despite not being able to firmly attribute this to either Richardson or a Bohemian company would anyone disagree to dating it at mid 19th century?



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