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perthshire caterpillar


just got a Perthshire caterpillar weight today .. the question is mine has a diamond cut base while others i've seen only have a hollow ground base anyone know the reason why?

Hi Ray,

I am not a Perthshire specialist but I have seen some small variances on Pershire weights before. I was told in one instance, this had been a specific demand of the original buyer (the weight was unfacetted even though it should have been - it was signed, numbered and it had the original box and certificate - so I believed the reputable dealer who told me this). Since then, I have seen other examples of such discrepancies.

I am sure that Perthshire specialists will confirm (or not) my explanation though.


Wouldnt surprise me if someone bought one in the shop, or contacted the shop having seen the catalogue - or even called in the shop with a weight they had bought elsewhere, and asked them to do the base.  As long as the weight was on the premisies it would be a simple enough job and they would have the flexibility to handle individual requests like this.

thanks you two ... do you know if these were scratched with the edition number or were they written on the card?

Hi Ray,

The weight I mentioned was scratched with the edition number.



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