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Red green Apple tree paperweight- Antique? Bohemian? Dump shape 4 layer fountain

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flying free:
I cannot find hide nor hair of a reference for this anywhere, but I'm sure I've seen one similar before because I remember seeing it and thinking if I ever saw another I would buy it.  This one unfortunately has really been through the wars and is not in a good state.  However regardless of this, it's just perfect, exactly as I imagined it would be.  But now I cannot find my reference anywhere.  It's very neatly done with each layer being separate.
It's wonderful because if you look side on it's very neat and look like a tree  coming into leaf, but if you look at it from a slight angle top down it suddenly bursts into leaf and bloom and is full of reds and green. 
I thought it might have been Bohemian and therefore fairly old?  but I could be wrong.
It has four 'fountain' layers of the green bits some of which look like bits of canes.  With red 'apples' or 'blossom' interspersed in the branches.  The foot i.e. the ground underneath the tree,  is a bit swirly with transparent colours. The base is flat ground but is badly damaged and practically white with marks.

Can anyone remember seeing this anywhere please? or have any information on it?
Many thanks for your time :)

flying free:
close ups which should show canes.  It's been a struggle to get them to show clearly.
thanks for looking:)

flying free:
a couple more

flying free:
is it possible this is a Silesian weight?  I've found some very tenuous links or rather, put together some very tenuous thinking on it  ;D
or does anyone think I'm in the completely wrong time frame and area please  :)

flying free:
My rather tenuous thinking is that I searched for weights that might have the same green and red colour millefiori in them.  And that also have the 'bundle' of green canes with white centres that can be seen in the tree.

The green is quite yellow and the red is quite tomato/orangey and it didn't seem to be the same colour as many  weights I came across.
Then I happened on a paperweight that was suggested was Silesian that seems to have the same green and bundles of canes.  (see Type III Silesian? header page - it's quite a long way down the presentation)

 In the same presentation there was a Josephinenhutte glass made of red filigrana canes that again seemed to be the similar red.

And lastly there was a lovely photograph of the Josephinenhutte factory with a brook running through the trees.  That scene made me think of my weight.  My tree looks more like one of those than an apple tree.

But then did Josephinenhutte do this kind of weight?  I wasn't sure.  That led me on to maybe Weisswasser?
It does have some similarities with Weisswasser weights.   But I wasn't able to find a good match to it in the end. 



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