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Red green Apple tree paperweight- Antique? Bohemian? Dump shape 4 layer fountain

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As is usual I am no use in helping ID this but if you want to take a good close up use a good Magnifying Glass. You might take ten shots for one good one but it works ok. The bigger the lens the better from my experience. (I have had some really interesting shots that would have made good wall art.)

flying free:
thanks Pete :)
My camera has good magnification and I've taken shots through a magnifying glass but in all honestly those pics above are as good as it gets.  The glass is old(I think) and bubbly and the canes are all in bits so very difficult to see.  But they are there.  It looks to me as though many of them are bundles of canes with a green exterior and white interior and many others look like they are chopped up bits of green and white cane roses possibly.
The red ones have white streaks in them I think.
Of course I could be completely wrong, it might be a battered brand new Chinese weight for all I know. 


I don't recognise the design, but I think I'd go for the relatively modern Chinese really does not look like anything like an old Bohemian weight to me. That siad, it could be from a small modern glass studio in many countries, playing around with designs. 

I know of no evidence for Josephinehutte or various Silesian factories making this kind of thing.


flying free:
thanks Alan  :)

this is the link to the page I found - there is one weight in the left hand column that is made of frit and has three layers.

the pic I've added is one of it slightly looking down on it so the tree looks in leaf. Unfortunately it's damaged (fortunately got a discount when it arrived) but I love it and didn't want to send it back  :) 


Hi m

I'm familiar with that website, and have both of Peter von Brackel's books, and I am still not sure that your paperweight is from central Europe somewhere. The style is certainly similar to some of the weights shown, but the Chinese do copy other people's designs - and the yellow, red and green glass within looks very similar in colour to that in many Chinese weights.



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