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ID help for large rectangular, mould-blown, textured and cased vase

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David E:
This is another chunky piece that's amber, cased in clear glass weighing in at over 1.5kg (3.3lbs) and measuring 12.5 x 9.5 x 15.3cm (5 x 3¾ x 6in), with abstract leaf designs moulded in the sides.

The base has a very slight, large circular indent, but is as moulded (i.e. unfinished)

Any ideas on a maker, please?

Reminds me of these that I have seen around on a couple of occasions, the ones in the link are attributed to Riihimaki, which I think is an incorrect attribution, although Scandinavia may be a good starting point....I'm sure i've seen some others for sale online a year or so ago, although can't remember where at present.

Faglaviks is a possibility.

David E:
Thanks both!

Greg: that link is good. The only difference is that the texture does not go the full height as per these examples, and the amber colour of mine is not as bright, but otherwise the similarity is very close. Can't tell whether these are clear-cased, but the large one is definitely cased.

Ivo: As always, your comments are welcome! I've googled the name but not with much success. A further trawl on GMB and the name Fåglavik does figure with a few attributions to similar pieces. Additionally an earlier post by 'flying free' also shows this link. The photo third down, third from the left shows some similarly-made vases.

I'll contact the site owner to see if they can offer more help.

David E:
Quick reply from site owner:

--- Quote ---Jag tror inte den vasen kommer från Fåglaviks glasbruk, men vi blåste sådana vaser som var ganska lik din vas,
vi hade lite annat mönster.
--- End quote ---

Google Translate gives the following, which appears to make sense:

--- Quote ---I do not think the vase is from Fåglaviks glassworks, but we blew these vases that were quite similar to your vase,
we had a little different pattern.
--- End quote ---

So perhaps another Scandinavian company?


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