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ID help for large rectangular, mould-blown, textured and cased vase

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It reminds me a bit of Joseph Schott, though his patterns are usually more elaborate. Apart from Scandinavian, it could also be German, though I'm not sure this colour was much used in German glass.


David E:
Thanks for this Astrid - hope you are keeping well!

I did try and find more about Schott, but there was nothing conclusive on this particular type of glass. The vases shown on the Fåglavik site do look very close though. Do you have any links that shows the glass of Schott that might come close to matching this one?

The reason I was reminded of Schott was that his vases are often square, and his designs usually keep the top bit clear of patterns, like yours. However, the ones I come across of him usually look a bit more elaborate, so I can't link to anything really similar. So yours might very well be another company letting itself be inspired by the general style of the Schott designs. Sorry I can't help more...



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