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Rare? matt Davidson blue cloud bowl,rare block with rd no on?1885 epergne Rd no

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flying free:
I need some help please.
This is not my collecting thing, but I thought it was very unusual when I saw it. 
Either it's a rare piece of Davidson dating to 1933 or it's something else?

I think the bowl/vase is a 6" 283 but measures 5 3/4".  The cloud  is blue with purple streaks - gorgeous colour - I will try and take some better pictures as the blue is stunning.  It is completely matt inside and out - I think the combination of the blue and the all matt, if it's Davidson, makes it a fairly rare piece.

The block is blue cloud glass with purple swirls and all matt.
The block has an rd number on it which I believe is 783 ----- , not a number on the registered Davidson design numbers that I can find and dates to 1933, but the mould has obliterated parts of the number.  It's also a shape that I cannot find either.
Again all matt and I suppose must be rare.

The inserted metal epergne also has an Pat App no on it of 26246 or 26245 which dates I think to 1885 so was inserted and riveted into the centre of the block as a marriage.

Any help very much appreciated. 
many thanks

David E:
Best I can offer is that a matt outside is quite uncommon, and blue is quite collectable. How about that for an impartial, non-committal response!  ;D

flying free:
I try hard to be impartial...but you know how it is  ;D
I'm going to add some better pictures of the colour as it's glorious.  And try and get a clearer picture of the rd number on the block.  I love that someone has added the epergne into the middle and that dates to 1885. 

David E:
I should have mentioned Chris' site, of course: who does pop in often to give advice. The site is pretty much complete for identification purposes though. The flower support with central epergne holder (if that's standard) is certainly a little odd I think. But I think the 'date' is 1910, which signifies it derives from the 1910 suite:

Cloud glass collectors also tend to look for pieces where the 'cloud' of colours is evenly distributed, but not where the cloud is too thin or far too dark. Personally I like the ones where it's gone a little wrong, where the base is sometimes almost clear, or the cloud is very thick.

flying free:
thanks David :)
I had scoured the site looking for clues to any of it but even on the 1910 there was no reference to this flower block or the rd number.  I'd not recognised that the 1910 might be a completely separate id at the end of the rd number but there were no numbers that Davidson registered that vaguely match the start of the rd number on the block, that I can find ?  I scoured the site as I say and couldn't find the block shape anywhere.
It gets better though...the epergne is solid silver I think :)  it is a marriage I'm sure as the pat no on that dates to 1885 but the block has a large hole as the centre which is what the flute holder sits in and is riveted at the bottom where the hole emerges.

I'll take some better pictures of the glass colour and cloud once my battery is charged. It was failing as I took those couple of shots so it's not a good representation.


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