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Milky Murano vase

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Hello, i found this vase on a fleamarket but i can't find any information about it.
It is made of milky glass, the base has an rough pontil scar.

Does anyone have some information about the maker, technique or age?

Thank you!
Kevin from Germany

It looks and sounds like one of those sneaky new things that are made elsewhere in Italy and where the word Murano is intended to deceive. Note that it says Made in Italy, not Made in Murano
Here is another example,49936.0.html

I think this one is a genuine Murano label. The piece is also likely to be Murano, as the milky (is it opalescent?) colour and the  threading, including the colour of the threading, is found on a few Murano pieces. I would expect the piece to be older, and yet the label looks relatively fresh. The unpolished pontil is a bit of a puzzle. If not Murano, then Chinese is an option.


thank you for your reply! i think the phrase "made in italy" does not say that pieces are made elsewhere:
one pic of langhaugh's collection:

the label on my vase looks "newer" but i think the piece is older, made before the 1960's.
it was totally dusty but is in perfect condition.

...and yes, it is opalescent glass.


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