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unknown uranium stick- ID = Renate by Ankerglas Bernsdorf


Paul S.:
I did look on Pamela's Trinket site, but don't believe this is showing there.         A very unassuming and rather plain looking stick, and not my area at all, but am sure someone will recognize quickly.         Just in case it's deadly rare ;)           It does glow by the way, and thanks for looking.

Ankerglas Bernsdorf, Germany. The pattern is Renate. Some pieces shown in their 1937/8 Musterbuch.

Photos attached of candlesticks with tray, lidded pots, ringholder, and perfume flasks.

Not rare, but not exactly common either - 3 sets on eBay in the last year (two in green uranium glass and one in amber glass).

(Permission for the re-use of the second image on GMB granted by junkshopantiques).

Paul S.:
many thanks for your reply.             When all the pieces are together it looks attractive, and the tray looks most unusual with that shape.
If I manage to get to B'ham in the coming months I'll include it with some other bits and pieces for the 'glasstrinketsets' collection :)


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