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PH or DH Signature cane?

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Hi All. Can anyone tell me who the maker is if there is a signature cane "PH" or it could be "DH"?.... sorry no photo.... a friend has seen a paperweight with the cane in and would like to know if he should procure it for me... He is one of my paperweight hunters.
Will pop a photo on the forum if it needs to be procured


It would most likely be be Peter Holmes so  a Selkirk paperweight, but usually they would be engraved to say so also.


Hi Don,

I agree, if it is a PH cane then it is for Peter Holmes, formerly of Selkirk Glass (which he founded) and now of Scottish Borders Art Glass.

His weights are not always engraved with the relevant information onn the underside (I have a few in my collection and seen others).

I am not sure who DH could be, though. If it were AH, it would Andrew Holmes - the son of Peter Holmes - He is also at SBAG.


Actually Sophie is quite right, I was just checking through my files for an image of a PH cane on a Selkirk weight and found the one below that wasn't engraved. Although the others i have had have been.


Thanks everyone... I think I will progress with this one. Don


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