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Krosno glass?

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Retro Mojo UK:

Does anyone know the age and maker of this vase?

It's acid etched Krosno to the base but I don't know if this is the Krosno glassworks in Poland or just made in Krosno? I haven't found an example that matches this and more recent pieces seem to be labelled.

It is a very good weight and seems to be good quality with a lovely blue tinge similar to Strombergshyttan,

Thanks all

It is recent and made by and in Krosno. What more could you want?

Retro Mojo UK:
Hi Ivo,

thanks for the helpful comment.

I've found evidence of a number of glassworks in Krosno it was a simple question that I didn't know the answer to.

My question with regards to the age was something I didn't have an answer for so 'what more could you want' sounds a little rude to me. Maybe it's just the way i'm reading it, in which case I apologise if I'm wrong. My intention in using this site is to learn and expand my knowledge but I can't help but feel a few of the replies i've received from the site's busier posters have made me out to be a bit stupid. Were we all not beginners in the field at one point?

I've seen this brand on sites from vintage to collectable to ebay all stating vintage, these people have more experience than me as i'd never heard of Krosno glass until today so surely either they have some grounds for calling it vintage or that's just what they call 'recent' items?

Krosno is the largest of Polish glass manufacturers. In fact, they' re HUGE. Their produce is characterised by being heavy and well made.  You gave the answer in your question which is good. And recent is any time in the last 20 years or so. That may be vintage to some people....

Anik R:
The etched 'Krosno' on the base of the vase is interesting -- It's the first time I've seen that, so I suspect your vase is of more recent production.  I love Krosno glass.  It's classy, well made, and most importantly, perfectly usable.

Sadly, Krosno glassworks is in bankruptcy (something I really cannot comprehend):



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