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A bit of showing off

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OK, a lot of a showing off. These are just fabulous. I walked on air for about a fortnight after I picked them up for a snip. Made in Webb's 1866 honeycomb mould design in about 1902 in its patented Alexandrite


And even more glorious in reality... one of these was the true star of the fair in B'ham last November and some of us were even allowed to touch it and hold it up to the light and see all its glory from different angles.  8)

Tell the truth, Christine. You're still walking on air.  ;)

The second pic is really good - you've managed to catch the fabby blue colour at the top. Not a shred of chocolate brown in these glasses - all absolutely perfect and as they should be. sigh.

thank you for sharing - something else to add  to  my wish list ;D

Mum and I drank our Christmas slposh out of them...


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