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A bit of showing off

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David E:
... and I still think the group looks better as four glasses, not five  ;)

flying free:
ooh they are beautiful - so classy.   I can imagine the Christmas splosh tasted fab :)

what  fantastic score. I'd have been SO afraid of drinking out of them.  :o LOL


Paul S.:
so would I  -  they'd go straight into the cabinet, for looking at only!!           Assume you've seen the pieces in the Truitt's book, and how about the vase in R. S. Williams-Thomas book - you could die for that.            The Truitt's appear to be saying that Alexandrite was a British product only, and came from Thomas Webb and S & W only, although admitting that whilst it could have been produced in the States, they didn't seem to be aware of any pieces from their side of the pond.
However, Williams-Thomas seems confident in saying that there were  "several other producers in England (apart than themselves), the Continet and the States".         
Do we think he might have been confusing this rarer product, which is charactierized by three colours,  with the far more common Amberina which consists of only two, and which doesn't have the terminal blue shading of the Alexandrite??
I guess it wouldn't be impossible to confuse the two.

Not after you've seen them in vitro!


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