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Author Topic: Goldberg or Moser?Amethyst cologne Acid Cut Back gilded panel birds/flowers  (Read 5789 times)

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had someone with some knowledge tell me it could be a Moser, there are no markings etc...i'm not a collector, was just doing a little research after someone mentioned it could have some value, looks lonely on our book shelves, if anyone has similar pieces, let me know.

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This one is listed as Adolf Beckert  - can anyone confirm this person's listing is correct or not?  I've added what they put as their reference source below but I don't have access to it unfortunately.  And I couldn't find anything else similar under Beckert but did find two listed together (one looks the same as the one listed as Beckert I think) and they are both listed as Oertel  :-\ -

The listing is:
a clear faceted vase with a foot and the same oroplastic 'Asiatic Pheasant' decoration as in my perfume bottle - described in this listing as 'Bird of paradise'
The title of the listing is
Fachschule STEINSCHÖNAU Schliffglas Vase ° Paradiesvogel Dekor ADOLF BECKERT
the reference for the id is
Literatur: Pazaurek um 1920, Loetz Band I.




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I happened upon this lamp whilst searching for something else.
Same oroplastic decoration as my perfume bottle (listed as Moser but no reference source or mention of signature).
Adding for future reference for the shape.



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