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Canary opalescent posy with bark/knotty wood pattern

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Has anyone seen this opalescent design before please? On this tiny vase it gives quite a textured pattern. (3.75 in) Interestingly it's made in a four part mould. No pontil mark. The general shape and size are a bit Webbish

The pattern is stretched, but I can see the pattern.  Unfortunately, I do not know the maker.  I have seen this same pattern in a little pressed salt cellar (with frame) and a covered marmalade (EPNS lid and frame).

Thanks for looking Dave

Looks to me,IMHO,like the picture on the front of Reynolds Walsh book,only upside down, ;D maybe not ::)

I have a few pieces of what is shown on the front of the REYNOLDS JWW book, and that pattern is Opaline Brocade.  This is not the same pattern.  One of my OB pieces is a large lamp shade and when that pattern is stretched, the branches are still there, just further apart.  This is more of a swirly, 'paisley' pattern.  I don't have time to dig through 5000 photos right now to find an example in my computer, but i know it is there somewhere.


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