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French Opaque Atomizer?


Picked this up & lady I know who is a perfume collector believed she had seen this in a perfume book as a French opaque with late Deco enameling. Its not U.S. & I am not asking for a specific ID, simply if its possibly a French opaque from  the Deco period. No markings on the hardware. Reacts strongly to blacklight. Thanks, Ken

No idea really,just that the roses look like Macintosh design,Glasgow school I think,interesting piece ;D

 mackintosh roses (not deco) Mackintosh roses were 1900-1915 in the glasgow style but they were used in Bohemia as well. This piece is probably bohemian. sometime before WW2. I can't say when.

but the decoration looks kind of sloppy. Lots of messy lines. enamel outside the outline..  this isn't professionally enamelled. this is isn't even quite cottage ware quality. I think someone did this afterwards at home. the glass is custard glass. it will undoubtedly glow quite brightly under blacklight.

So IMHO, It may or may not be from the deco era. I doubt french and not professionally enameled.

flying free:
I agree with Azelismia... I think,
 but I don't know about the quality of the  enamelling because your pictures are not clear enough to see the enamelling properly.  It would help if you just put one photo per upload please, otherwise all that can be seen is an impression of the piece, no detail on the base of the piece or of the enamelling at all.
Your pics can be up to 125KB
many thanks   :)

Thanks for the replies, appreciate the info. Actually the lady I spoke with used the same term for the quality of the enameling that azelismia used..."cottage" & when I asked her what she meant she informed me that I would probably be suprised at the number of poorly trained (if at all) pre-teen girls that were loosely employed for decorating purposes which resulted in sloppy workmanship & I would agree the enameling is amateurish in nature. Ken


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