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Whittingham & Percival lidded bowl, design registered 6 June 1876


A lidded bowl with a short pedestal and circular foot. The lid has an ‘acorn’  finial of hexagonal section, and the lid interior bears a clear registration date lozenge for 6 June 1876 – Parcel 2. 5..5 inches tall (including lid), with a bowl top rim diameter of 5.5 inches.

This parcel was registered by Whittingham and Percival, a minor manufacturer based in Pendleton, Salford, and corresponded to a registration bundle including RD numbers 301058 to 301067, of which five were for salts (301063 to 301067).  See,48661.msg274263.html#msg274263,9216.msg220685.html#msg220685,24656.msg142007.html#msg142007

According to NeilH, the lid here would appear to match 301059 in shape but it does not bear the pattern as seen on the registration. So maybe it is a blank of the shape minus the pattern, or perhaps there was a patterned version also?

Does anyone have a photo of this particular design, but with a patterned surface, or indeed photos of any other pieces (presumably corresponding to RDs 301058 to 301062) from this 6 June 1876 registration bundle to share?


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