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Walther satin frosted pieces


Hi y'all
I have a lovely selection of frosted Walther pieces.......strange how we don't often see many Walther in this colour.
Thanks to a fantastic friend I have she has managed to locate me most of these.
Does anyone else have any Walther in this colour?

Thats the first time i have seen them , i dont have any ,like some of them , REX

Hi Rex
Most of Walther white isn't found here in the UK. I don't think many collectors like white but I do!

Hi again
I am selling my full collection of this white Walther(not the piccolo or black base)
I have koalas in cherry bowl,
Arabella in fische bowl
Moven in fische bowl
Hollanderin in pillintz bowl
Gansiliesel in vineleaves bowl
Schwalben in Juno bowl
Muschel (no bowl)
Relief clock
Lili in diana bowl
Will sell as a job lot,buyer to collect

I have a white Vineleaves bowl ... I didn't know this was Walther ? Do you know the catalogue no. or year please.


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