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(Whitefriars) sage or willow

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Hello all,  i was wondering if anyone could take a look at Ebay item no. 251216745231
the item is listed as Rare Green, which if it is Sage then it would command a premium, however i am thinking its Willow with the light behind.
the seller has posted other questions, but not my enquiry.
sorry for being a bit dubious.


I would ask for more photos against a white background without that coloured cloth or back lighting

I would agree with the above as it is impossible to tell which colourway it actually is from the supplied picture.

I think you may be right on it being willow, I can see no reason for lighting a sage vase in that way.

It will be Willow, Hooped vases were never produced in Sage. Hooped vases were last produced in 1973, Sage was introduced in 1974 with the new designs for the later textured range.


thanks for your input, i did realise about the dates, there not much in it and it is listed as rare.
i do think its willow, i have tried a few willow pieces today including a hoop but cannot get them as light...maybe a camera flash...!
thanks again Graham


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