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(Whitefriars) sage or willow

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David E:
Photographing in daylight is far better than using a flash. Also, use a white cloth, white paper (back of a large poster, etc.) as a backdrop. The pale yellow colouration in the eBay listing is almost certainly due to the lighting used and that will affect the true colour of the piece.

Willow is probably the most difficult of the W/Fs colours it seem to pick up colour reflections from all arouind it,  i have been with ex W/Fs workers who have changed their minds many times whilst handling a piece . :-\

David E:
If so, JP, then the better way to photo the glass is in a white light tent and [perhaps] using backlighting, with no side or front light at all. The white balance of the camera also needs setting, although you can use an image processing program afterwards (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Irfanview, et al) to adjust the colour balance.

Cheers David but it was usually when out at fairs or auction houses and it seemed everywhere you took the piece the colour would look different . In the house it would pick up the predominant colour in the particular room , light tent Nahhh dont have one ,YET


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