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Charlotte Breeze:
Hi I am hoping someone can help me with the identity of this ice bucket & glasses. The pattern looks a little like Libochovice to me but I can't find anything similar on the net. Any ideas?

Anik R:
Hi Charlotte and welcome to the GMB.  :)

I'm afraid I can't be of much help with this set -- I don't recognise it as (postwar) Czech. Are there any markings on the silver-coloured bit? And what does the base of the bucket look like?


Charlotte Breeze:
Hi there are no markings on the silver at all. The bottom is a star or flower shape

Charlotte Breeze:
One last shot to see if anyone else has any ideas about this set? ???

Hi and welcome, Charlotte :) - please be patient! Sometimes it can take years for something to be identified (although it's not always that long, I can assure you) but we don't give up!


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