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Stunning limited edition Peter Dreiser engraved goblet for sale. The Mayflower.


Hi everyone,
I have a few of Peter Dreiser limited edition glasses and goblets in my collection which represent just how hard he used to have to work (so I know it is not just me!)
I am selling this one at the moment:

While you're peeking at the Peter Dreiser, do have a look at Lesley's own work for sale too - it is absolutely magnificent.
Thanks, Lesley!

aaaah that is so sweet, thank you  :D

Confession time, I far prefer your work, Lesley. You are far too modest.
You're not in my collection - yet. But you will be.  My collection is incomplete without you.
I'm just waiting for the "perfect-for-me" piece at the right time.  :)

I am very flattered, Sue, although the Peter Dreiser work I am selling dates back to 1970, he later became a super fine artist and engraver with pieces now worth many thousands.   I hope to one day be able to also spend more time creating work that I want to do from my heart, not what I have to do to just to make a living and pay the bills, this is what he was clearly doing in those days. Then you never know I might create something right up your street  :D
But then wouldn't we all like to be able to play?!  8) At least my work is something I also enjoy I suppose.


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