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Selkirk weight ID please

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Roger H:
Picked this up recently but cant find name of it in my books. Can you help please?
         Regards Roger.


I don't know the true name, but I would guess at "Flower In The Snow" (probably based on the Jack Allan "Flower In The Rain" for Caihness Glass, but with a snowy ground).

Looks like an unfinished (not facetted) Romance-Ruby to me (1997R01 attached). There is also a lilac version of it (1998R01) with a bi-coloured flower - this image showing the snowy ground better.

Roger H:
Yes Kev thats what I would have called it.
     Thanks Wuff, looks like you are correct. Wonder how this one escaped the faceting.

        Regards Roger

And, of course, had I checked a book or two, I would have realised that "Flower In The Snow" was a Colin Terris design for Caithness Glass (1993 CT-318).


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