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Trinket set tray & candlesticks; diamonds & reeded panels ID = Walther Oxford

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A pair of clear pressed glass candlesticks of geometric form, decorated with panels of diamonds and vertical reeds.

Also a tray also decorated with panels of diamonds and reeds which, because of the similarity of the decoration, I am assuming for the moment to be a match with the candlesticks. The tray measures 32 x 20cm.

Does anyone have photos to share of a more complete set in the same pattern, or even other individual pieces that might make up such a set?

Comments, suggestions, or ID, please?

(Permission for the re-use of the first image on GMB granted by emotive69, and the second image by bertiegreyhound).

Candlesticks are Walther Oxford, Fred. :)  I have a pot base to match as well, which isn't on the site as yet.

Forgot to say, yes I'm sure the tray is a match (but I've not checked my file yet.) :)

Thank you for the prompt ID, Anne.

I must say I never considered Walther as a possibility; I suppose the clear glass and stark geometrics made me more inclined to consider Czechoslovakia as a source.

Certainly not common - these are the only two examples of the pattern I can recall seeing on eBay in the past year. Mind you, now that two have arrived, there will probably be another one along any minute.

I don't think they' are as commonly seen as other designs, Fred. They also did a smoking set type thing - I have the catalogue images somewhere. Very art deco designs, and I must admit the candlesticks are quite stylish. I like them!


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