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Trinket set tray & candlesticks; diamonds & reeded panels ID = Walther Oxford

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Oxford candlestick in 1937 catalogue: LINK

Oxford clock in 1937 catalogue: LINK

Smoking set in 1937 catalogue: LINK

I can't find the pots or the tray in the catalogues yet though.

Photos of a (part?) set from another source showing the candlesticks with a similar tray to that in my opening post, presumably confirming that the tray is indeed a match with the candlesticks. The tray measures 21x31cm.

(Permission for the re-use of these images on the GMB granted by 9972eileen).

This time there is also a matching stoppered perfume flask with a really distinctive geometric stopper finial.

Seems to be an uncommon trinket set pattern.

Does anyone have photos of other pieces (pots, pin tray, ringholder etc.) in the pattern to show, please?


Oooh lovely, Fred, thanks for adding the pics. I've not seen the perfume before. Oxford is one of my favourite sets.

Photos of another (part) Walther Oxford set, this time with tray, a pair of perfume flasks, and a trio of lidded pots.
(Permission for the re-use of these images on the GMB granted by chippinggoose52).



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