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Peachblow or Burmese?

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I inherited items from my Great Aunt's estate.  I had an appraiser out to look and he indicated this is a Peach blow glass bowl.  Now I have it listed no ebay and a gentleman is telling me it is burmese.  I certainly don't want to deceive anyone.  I'm not an expert glass collector.  Can you help?

My ebay listing:

Ebay listing of what appears to be a similar item:

I have also attached photos.

sorry photos were too big

It looks to be Burmese. You need to test it with a blacklight to make certain it glows & is not a Murano copy. 

Both those listing kind of blur the line by using the wording 'Peach Blow Glass Burmese' as peach blow and burmese be two distinct styles.   When ebay prices get into triple digits the buyer needs to know the difference themselves because ebay is way to full of erroneous attributions.    A few minutes ago I would have said your gentleman was correct in his statement but as I read a bit online about what defines peachblow I'm less clear.


Yours is almost certainly Burmese, though I wouldn't like to say who made it.


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