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Help Required: ID : Ditchfield Glasform

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carol in the dulwich:
Just found this item while clearing my shed is round about 4inches in diameter and flat it glass with a blue and greenish colour on the top are what look like little lily pads and a small silver frog, can you tell me who made this and about what date, it's probably been in the shed 10years.

Anne E.B.:
Oooh sounds a little John Ditchfield like :P ?  Can you post a pic. perhaps on the paperweight thread where they will be able to help you.

carol in the dulwich:
Anne E.B.
Went to site John Ditchfield as suggested and find it is the same as on there, so thanks for the advice, don't know the value but it's a nice object to keep.

Hi Carol

I'm not altogether sure that Ditchfield has been making these for as long as 10 years... anyone else able to enlighten on that.... also Ditchfield is invariably signed.. does yours have any marks at all.
Ditchfield ones are currently changing hands between about £70 to £130




carol in the dulwich:
On the bottom looks like glasform, no other marks I can see, it could be up to eight/ten years that it has been in the shed with lots of tea-pots fthat I used to collect , my husband said it came from Harrods and was a gift from an a friend of his.


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