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Help with Textured Glass Dish/Bowl


Hello ive aquired this textured glass item, 7.5 inches in dia and just under 2 inches high. Ive adjusted the contrast to give a better idea of shape of bowl. Ive seen it before but i cant place it.
Any help would be appreciated

Dartington, one of the Hollywood bowls, at that size it would be pattern number FT241.


Thankyou John. I was wondering if there was variation in the design.
 Ive looked at many of the Hollywood bowls and it does compare. However ,i havent seen one exactly like this. The petals on the ones ive compared seem to protrude and slim out more where as this one is more bulbous. Its incredibly thick and stout. The other hollywood bowls seem to be deeper too where is this is quite shallow. Rather than bowl im thinking more large ashtray/dish.

Any further ideas would be helpful.

Also where the Hollywood bowls Lead Crystal as im sure this one is.??

I think it might be the ashtray FT257, and yes they were lead crystal

Whoops I think you are right Christine, the ashtray not the large bowl (which should be a little bigger). I think they were centrifuge cast, like the Daisy bowls.

A couple of the smaller hollywood bowls:



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