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Chance milk jug,with gilt edge.

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Have seen the Ivory de Luxe in David's book but not like this,common or not? (the jug not me :o)

I've never seen one like that for real but have seen them on eBay. I would say it was a scarcer variant, but that's just from my Chance hunting experience  :). 

David E:
Welcome Stuart, you must let us know about your Chance collection sometime.

Nice find Keith. I have found some plates with gilt 'lenticules' (yup, that's what they're actually called!) so I've got this new variant earmarked for the new book.

Thanks Stuart,David,weeks or months for the book now? ;D ;D

David E:
The second book is close to completion, but the delays have meant some great new finds will be included - even now I am including new data. The text is written (but Christine needs to run her beadies over it again) and the layout started, but I still have the usual mammoth task of all the photography.

I will also try to include as much illustration from the catalogues that I have photographed, but there is so much of it! I mean, does everyone want (or need) to know what every piece or Orlak (1929-33, oven-to-tableware) actually looked like?

Anyway, like Chance Expressions, there will be plenty to look at  ;)


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