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Chance milk jug,with gilt edge.

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Looking forward to it, ;D ;D

David, I've contacted you via email so you've seen most of my collection, I know I still owe you a few pictures and will get them done, it's just been difficult to take good shots with the bad weather.

I only now feel qualified to offer an opinion on Chance now that I have a few years collecting behind me. Looking forward to the new book too!

David E:
Hi Stuart!

I have indeed seen most of your collection and many pieces will be appearing in the book. You certainly have a good eye, so keep on looking!

David E:

--- Quote from: David E ---The second book is close to completion, but the delays have meant some great new finds will be included - even now I am including new data.
--- End quote ---
And true to word, tonight I just included new information on a double Fiesta sandwich set, in two different patterns, in a single box. I've written this up, but I'm just waiting for photographs from Sue C who we haven't heard from for a long time.

Thanks Sue! Hope to hear from you in GMB any time soon.


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