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identification help massive orange studio glass vase

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very large onion type vase, orange similar to whitefriars, fairly thick 8mm, im thinking Recardo Licata, because of the top.Any help

Hi and welcome to the gmb!

I can't get your image to enlarge to see it in any detail - but it is not Whitefriars.

There is a whole load of techie help available here;,22.0.html
to help you!

We like clear, in-focus images of the whole piece, the base (we really like looking at bottoms here, they contain a wealth of information ) and the rim finish - and of any markings which are on it.

We like them to be against a plain white background so we can see the glass clearly. (some A4 paper will do).
Looking forward to seeing this beast in all its glory!

more photos

and another

They are still not enlarging when I click on them...  :'(
Daylight is better than artificial light too - artificial light makes colours look all weird.

I can see it's an attractive thing!  :)


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