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Strathearn ?


Hi , just wondered if this is a Strahearn P/W , its 2.5 inches dia and 2 inches tall, 7 spokes with a central cane surrounded with 6 blue canes and a 1,2,2 between the spokes sat on a light green ground. Fire polished rough pontil mark which has a concave finish.
many thanks


Hi Malcmat

Yes its Strathearn this style came in three sizes and the one you have is the medium size. Strathearn made this style of weight from when they opening in 1964 right through to the demise of the Strathearn label in 1980.

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Agreed - very Strathearn.  Although they made three 'nominal' sizes, the only definite one is the small version: I think that in practice they made various sizes of 'medium', and of 'large', and there was sufficient overlap that the a large medium and a small large were the same (if that makes any sense!).



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