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Large Green & Gold Paperweight Embossed Mark ID = Brian Hirst (Australia)


Large dome shaped PW with a green cloudlike form sprinkled with gold on top and with a controlled bubble feature encased in clear glass. The base has an indented embossed mark that looks like X. Once again hoping someone can enlighten me. Thanks Chris

might it be liskeard glass with the makers mark gone a bit wrong

Hi, thanks for the thought about Liskeard but I don't think it is. The mark is more of an X Regards Chris

You must also be an Aussie - or you are just fluking buying Australian Pwts.  That mark is Brian Hirst - another excellent longer-term glass artist.


PS1>  You can look up my gallery which has lots of Asutralian stuff in it at (I hope I got the link right)
PS2>  The labels and marks part of the site is at

Hi again Ross, thanks for this ID and definetly Aussie. I have another which is frosted with a clear flat angled top and a clear flat base (apart from the maker's mark). This one you can see into the inside of the PW. Thanks for the help again. Chris


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