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stourbridge cut and cased vase and perfume

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Hi everyone,

I photographed these curious pieces today. The pictures are not great... The glass items are only 8-10cm in height. They belonged to a relative who worked in the glass industry (mainly at Stuarts) and also taught cutting at the local college in circa 1915. I wondered if anyone on GMb would recognise this style and perhaps be able to provide more information about this kind of production. They are blue glass, case in purple, with a cream coloured kind of underlay.... to my eye they are unusual pieces but I know nothing about them really, so any information would be greatly appreciated!

Robert (bOBA)

Hi Robert,
the technique is called double overlay, which produces these outlined - for want of better word - cut
patterns. Apart from that I canīt be of much help Iīm afraid... I think the technique has much been used
during the 19th century in Bohemia and Bavaria also.

flying free:
Robert somewhere in my books I've just been reading some interesting information on the 19thc versions of this technique as Dirk says.
I need a bit of time but will try and refind the information and post it here for you.
I think it was relevant to the technique being started in Bohemia and then being done in France and Britain.  I'll find the info and post it later.

Thank you both! I am under the impression that these pieces are very English but any information is very welcome ....
I am of course familiar with general Bohemian cased glass..... some manufacture of it did occur too in England and other places........ but glass is full of surprises and if this particular pattern rings any bells please let me know! I am quite confused by the inner glass being blue for a start, which I have not really seen..... I am also quite please not to have a thread disappear immediately, which is always a bad sign... so thanks again!

Robert (bOBA)

flying free:
Robert my monitor is showing a reddish colour for the overlay? is it purple amethyst colour.  It' s a curious colour and it doesn't seem to be that common.
In fact it's quite hard to find any with a coloured interior either.  The only thing I've come across is a vase in CH British Glass 1800-1914 and that is a possible attribute to Saint-Louis and has a triple overlay and I think that is red on the interior, it's difficult to tell because it's a black and white pic and describes it as ruby, clear, white and blue so I'm assuming the blue is on the outer.
I have a cache-pot with a blue glass interior and I think it was attributed as Bohemian.;
Do you think your bottles are perfume bottles?  I think there is a possibility they are quite old maybe 19thc?



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