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Flygsfor Conquilles Bowl/ Black and White / Signed and Dated 1959


Hello this is my first time on here. I was given a very beautiful Black and White Bowl. Shaped like a y almost years ago. After the person gave it to me they took it to an antique show with my husband and come to find out they came back and said if I would have known I would have kept it. Never thought much about it, put it on the shelf and forgot about but always loved it. Just the other day I turned it over. Could see a signature on both sides but with my eyesight couldn't read it. So with the help of my son and his friends found out it was a Flysfors Coquilles Bowl Signed and dated 59 by Paul Kedelv. I have no idea what its worth. Quite heavy. I would say its large. I will post pics. Any help would be appreciated. I think I found my next collectibles . His work is beatiful. Some on ebay for 49.95 but others for 452.00. It won't let me post the pic . says its to large. I will try to make it smaller

Hi Spitfire, Welcome.  Make sure you are looking at the 'sold' bits on ebay to get an indication of what things actually sold for.   If the Y shape is what I'm thinking they are fairly common but yes very nice looking pieces.

From  your description it sounds like the 'Manta Ray' design. As to value that is not something we discuss here on the board as it is very subjective - it's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.


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