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Bubble glass creamer and sugar

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Does anyone have any idea of who, where and when for these please?

A small jug and sugar bowl in hand blown random bubble glass, but I can't decide if it's pale amber or olive green or something in between. They have rough pontil marks (very rough) and the bubbles, which have been introduced manually rather than chemically, can be felt easily on the inside of both. The jug is just 3 inches high and the bowl is 4.25 inches diameter, 1.5 inches deep. They both have quite a bit of base wear. Click to enlarge

with a bit of luck you'll find the tiny etch mark on the underside - though not all Biot is marked, esp. not smaller items.

Thanks for that thought Ivo. I've had a look at Biot, but they're unmarked. I also feel certain that the bubbles are not pulegoso. Most of them are quite large and oval. In the sugar bowl the general alignment is round the circumference and in the jug from bottom to top, with more and more-ovoid ones toward the top. There's quite a lot of wear but not from use. I think the jug has been stood inside the bowl for a long while with regular sliding about for dusting.

Circular pontil mark about 1.1/2" diameter, I suppose?

Something like that on bowl, smaller total width on the jug, see pix; click to enlarge


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