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Fratelli Toso Millefiori Tumbler?

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Assuming this is Toso? and probably from the '40s?.  Please let me know if otherwise. 

Just over 4-1/8" tall, 2-7/8 across the rim.

Are there specific canes I would look for that would come from specific makers?

Thanks,  -Buck

Sorry, but no this one is not Fratelli Toso. I believe millefiori items with canes like these were made by AVeM, but I haven't been able to get proof positive. Some pieces with these type canes were made 1950-70s, but some could be earlier. (I love to be always be able to give such definite answers when it comes to Murano glass. :)) )

Ha ha :), thanks Anita!  That's what I get for using ebay as a reference ;D.  That's why I was asking about specific canes/ murrine that may be clues to who did it.  Still a nice tumbler, regardless.   -Buck

Buck, they also tend to have the same value as Toso. What the value is, I don't know anymore, but back in the day they sold for about the same.

BTW, some things with this type cane were marketed in the US by Decora Imports. It is what gave me the idea they might be AVeM. However, I've not been able to learn if Decora imported from other companies as well. We may never know.

For fun, here's the two that I own.  They're 3 5/8" tall.  I'd assumed they, too, are Fratelli Toso because that's what all these satin caned pieces are called.  I, too, haven't got a clue as to what they're worth (if I had to guess, I'd say $20-$30 apiece.  I think I like Buck's better.  The green and yellow are a happy color combo.



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